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George Weasley

Who: George and Lupin McGonagall
When: December 20th
Where: Hogwarts
Why: Something's been troubling him...

Where did teachers go on their holidays? As far as George knew, Lupin didn't have a home to go to, well, maybe he did, but someone at the castle was sure to know. Right?

It couldn't hurt to look.

As it was, Lupin was nowhere to be found. The ghosts hadn't seen him, the elves, nobody. They didn't know where he went, either. Probably with Tonks someplace, maybe someplace that was far away. Who knew? No one had heard from either in a very, very long time.

George was growing quite desperate by this point. Where else could he turn? No other soul could really understand his concern, and Lupin was, after all, the one responsible. Assuming there was a problem in the first place. George had no idea, and the circular nature of this train of thought was making him dizzy.

At least he hoped that was what was making him dizzy.

McGonagall. She would know. She'd been at the school so long, did she really go anywhere else? He thought he would give her office a try. If she didn't know where Lupin was, maybe, at least, she could use some of her wisdom. Besides, she had gotten the worse end of the deal where the attack was concerned, and she'd turned out all right.

He just hoped she was there when he knocked on the door....
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