George Weasley (his_evil_twin) wrote in thefinalhorcrux,
George Weasley

Who: George, Colin, and anybody
Where: Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
When: December 23rd
Why: The madness! Oh, the horror!

His head was going to explode. It was going to burst and leave little squiggly bits all over the multi-colored walls. Well, there was a chance he could get it under control before then, but at the very least, his brain would start dribbling out his ears.

Last year hadn't been this bad. Actually, yes it had, but Fred had been there. And Colin hadn't. Okay, this second one didn't exactly upset him, but Fred had been a helping hand, and Colin was a distraction. A big one.

It was bad enough that there were about fifteen people at any given moment demanding to know where the headless-hats were, or where they could find a good fake wand. Now, there were at least five others who were demanding to be able to hold the baby. He kept telling them no, he couldn't keep an eye on that situation while manning the shop, and he wasn't about to let total strangers messing around with his kid.

Children were screaming, parents were yelling, things were exploding, Colin was laughing his head off as some teenage girl made a stuffed jaguar dance in front of him. It was absolute chaos. And George Weasley was stuck in the heart of it all, trying to keep some shred of sanity in the storm.

"Why do people put off shopping so late?" He muttered to himself, and then, of course, remembered that he hadn't done the tiniest bit of shopping. He'd have to work on that. "Stupid holiday," he concluded.

Just as his sanity reached the breaking point, a familiar voice spoke in his ear....
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