George Weasley (his_evil_twin) wrote in thefinalhorcrux,
George Weasley

Who: All Weasleys, Grangers, Potters, Spinnets, Johnsons, Waxers, Woods, Smiths, Rices, you name it... come on down!
Where: The Burrow
When: Christmas day
Why: It's party time!

Everything was finally perfect. Well, as perfect as can be without his mother's voice singing along to the wireless as she made one of her famous Christmas dinners, but it would have to do. That morning had been more of a family affair. Those of the Weasley clan, along with Harry and Hermione, that remained in Britain joined at the Burrow for gift giving and company.

George had pulled through with some spectacular gifts for the family. A real working Muggle computer for his father, the most jealousy-inducing diamond necklace he could find for Katie, toys galore for Colin, Ron a handsome dragon-hide jacket, and Ginny a set of bracelets that glowed according to her mood. There was other stuff set aside for friends and the like, but he hadn't gone quite as all out on those as he had with family.

And now the festivities were to begin. He had spent a good portion of the night cleaning, his least favorite thing to do. But the place was nice. Lovely, even. Hung with mistletoe and holly, garlands of ice and evergreen draped across the ceiling. It looked like a formal dinner party was supposed to look, and he was quite pleased. It was like something out of a Jimmy Stewart movie, had George any idea who that was.

He took one final look around, picked Colin's new toy off the floor and cleaned it off for the sixth time, replacing it in the high-chair, and opened the door to the winter afternoon and guests a plenty...

(( mingle, post, have fun...go's a party! ))
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