Frederick Bismarck Cameron Weasley (fredesrojo) wrote in thefinalhorcrux,
Frederick Bismarck Cameron Weasley

so, this is pretty awkward

So, Alicia came to Russia, and after a period of time where I was a pretty big asshole (mainly because I was drunk), I realized that I really do still love her, and so I ran through the rain to tell her that, and she convinced me to come home. We brought Baxter too.(What, you thought I'd actually leave him?)
Anyways, when we got back, Alicia told me that her parents had invited us over for Christmas dinner. I thought it'd probably be a good idea for me to go, considering that not very many people here like me very much, so off we went to the Spinnet's. To say the least, it went rather badly. Alicia obviously didn't want to be there, and her parents kind of weirded me out with their questions. Alicia then told me that George was having a big party, and more out of want to get out of there than anything, I asked if we could go there. 
We went, and were spotted by my charming brother almost as soon as we walked in. He proceeded to drag us off and practically lecture Alicia about her sanity, and forced a promise to behave out of me. Stupid prat. He's already beaten me up once, why does he want to again?  I spent the remainder of the party keeping quiet and staying out of the way, because I kind of figured that no one wanted me there. Well, at least I know why they're avoiding me. Hmmm....this makes for quite the awkward situation......guess I won't be helping out at the shop much anymore. 

Oh, well, at least Alicia is being nice. We just sort of avoid talking about the big situation at hand, and so far, it's working.

I think I'll go take Alicia out for a nice romantic dinner.......or maybe I'll just make one.

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