Tamsin Applebee (chasingmydream) wrote in thefinalhorcrux,
Tamsin Applebee

Who: Anne and whoever
When: Tuesday, January 6th
Where: The Three Broomsticks

Breathe. It's only temporary. Take a breath and let it pass. Just take a seat and it'll all go away.

Anne felt quite the loon limping into the pub, but her left ankle would have nothing to do with supporting her weight. It had informed her, quite painfully, that the fall from her broomstick that morning had not been something it approved of.

So, why hadn't she gone home like a good girl to put it up? Why hadn't she let the medics take care of her? She didn't really know. Maybe she was a teeny bit of a masochist at heart, but mostly, she wasn't extremely fond of medical attention. Doctors often had odd questions, ones she had to answer by saying she was fine. And she was. End of story.

She waved to the matron and lowered herself into a booth and propped her foot up on the seat opposite her. She let out a breath, feeling the relief as the blood drained from the swollen ankle. She closed her eyes for a few minutes, letting the sensations ebb.

Finally her brain was free of distraction and she was able to order herself a hot chocolate and pull out a notebook and a quill. Someone had mentioned in her presence something about musical talent. Sure, she had no delusions about starting a hit band and touring the world with her friends, but it had still sparked some muse in her. Music was in her head at that moment, and it was transferring itself onto the page...

Now to just make it good enough that she'd actually be willing to share it with another living soul.
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