Alicia Brianne Spinnet (ohalicia) wrote in thefinalhorcrux,
Alicia Brianne Spinnet

who: Alicia, Cayden and whoever
when: January 9, afternoon
where: Cayden's shop
why: Business is slow and we all need company

It had been at least an hour since the last customer had graced the inside of the shop. Alicia had her elbows propped on the counter, holding up her head while Cayden rummaged through the back room. Outside, the sky was dark, as if it were going to snow...again. The streets were practically empty, save the sole wandering witch or wizard every half-hour or so.

She gave a long sigh and turned around. "You'd think winter would be the busiest season for a coffee shop. I mean, coffee, hot chocolate, baked stuff. It's the warmest stuff you could get!"
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