Frederick Bismarck Cameron Weasley (fredesrojo) wrote in thefinalhorcrux,
Frederick Bismarck Cameron Weasley

Who: Fred and Alicia, George and Katie
When: January 20, Lunchtime
Where: The Burrow
Why: Moving back in like cool fools

"I think that's the last box," Fred called from the living room, having just stashed a bunch of useless knicknacks into a cardboard box, which was now shrunken to the size of his palm. Alicia walked from the bedroom, holding out two other palm-sized boxes to throw into the one bag they were carrying. They had decided to move back to the Burrow, spend more time with the family and rent the house out. To whom, they weren't sure yet. Someone was sure to grab it up sooner or later.
"Shall we go on, then?" Alicia asked, slipping on her coat. He nodded and pulled his own coat on, grabbing the bag of their stuff and throwing his other arm around Alicia's shoulders. She had Lacey's hand in hers as they all set out towards the large, very cozy house that they would soon call their home.

Only a few minutes later (thanks to apparation), they were standing outside his old home. Fred sighed happily and pushed open the door. "Anyone home?"
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