Alicia Brianne Spinnet (ohalicia) wrote in thefinalhorcrux,
Alicia Brianne Spinnet

Who: Alicia and Fred
When: December 21, early evening
Where: some apartment in Russia
Why: they need to figure this whole thing out, once and for all

Alicia stumbled, cold and feeling more lost by the second, through the streets of a dirty little Russian city. She had found an english speaking man at the train station and asked for her way towards Fred's place, the address of which she had found easily through owl tracking. To be honest, she wasn't even sure why she'd come. Fred probably didn't want to come home, and she was doing okay without him. That's the worry, I suppose.
After another minute or so, she saw a small apartment-like building only a few feet ahead. It matched the description given by the man at the station, so her feet found it's cement floor and, after a flight or two of stairs, her hand found Fred's door.

Fred was sitting, slumped, in his one and only chair in the living room of the flat. He had been drinking, and the remains of at least 2 bottles of liquor littered the floor around him. He was nearly asleep when Baxter gave a booming bark and ran towards the door. "Come off it, Baxter. The weather's too bad for anyone to be here." Fred's speech was slurred quite badly, and he waved one of his arms rather weakly to motion the dog back.

Alicia heard a dog, and a mumbling voice inside. She tried the doorknob and, finding it unlocked, stepped inside. Immediatley, she was pushed against a wall, more out of suprise than extreme force, by a yapping little animal. "Fred! Can you get your dog off me?!"

Fred slipped out of his chair and fell on the floor, quite suprised that someone was actually there. "Baxter, get off! Here, boy!" Fred called, his voice badly slurred. Baxter turned and scampered across the floor to "protect" Fred by standing slightly to the side of his sprawled master. Fred pushed himself off of the floor and turned to face his visitor, expecting to see Andre' or Ivan. His jaw dropped, and his eyes widened as he saw the last person he would ever expect to come here standing in his doorway. "What the hell are you doing here?!"

She was a bit taken aback by his reaction. In her mind, she'd had something more like him running, tears streaming down his face, to hold her, apologize and beg to come home. Of course, that was unrealistic, but it would've been nice. "I...I was...just...I was a little worried about you."

Fred stood there, swaying slightly as his last bottle of vodka took it's affect on him. He couldn't belive she was here. His mind worked sluggishly, trying to figure out what to do. "But.......I me."

She shrugged and looked to the floor. "I thought so too, but...well...I can't stop thinking about you, and.." Her throat was awfully dry. A strand of hair fell in her face and she brushed it behind her ear before continuing. "I guess I'm still...I'm still in lo--" And then he giggled, proceeding to fall over in a dead, very drunk, sleep.
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