Cecily Rice (blindnotbroken) wrote in thefinalhorcrux,
Cecily Rice

Who: Cecily and Arthur and any well wishers. Note I said well. Not evil. *points and shakes a finger at Voldiepants* Stay back or you shan't borrow my Sex and the City DVD's!
Where: Arthurs Apartment.
Why: Its moving day! Its Moving Day. Hey baby hey!
When: New years day. Sometime in the afternoon.

*thump* Cecily winced as she tripped over yet another one of her boxes. She had way too much stuff. Even with almost all of her belongings shrunk down to miniatures and put in shoeboxes, somehow it was still a lot. All of her books, still in braille took up atleast 4 of them. Again, even shrunk down to miniatures.

She and Arthur had been unpacking for about three hours, deciding who's stuff stayed and who's stuff went. The decisions were easy. Cecily hated all her old stuff and loved Arthurs stuff so most of Cecily's stuff went into storage. Except clothes, books and a lot of Prue's things.

She sighed and flopped down on Arthur's couch, arms over her head as she stretched out. She had a headache and needed just three minutes. Somehow, she managed to fall asleep for twenty before Arthur noticed her silence.
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Arthur smiled and pulled a blanket off the couch before covering her with it quietly.

he smiled and continued to pull books and stuff out of shelves..and the like. He smiled and put the photo of him and her on the shelf next to the photo of him and molly...and then the family portriat. He smiled and looked over..it looked like she was waking

" gmorning beautiful" he said softly
Cecily sat up, looking confused. Then, realizing what had happened, she sat up, rubbing her head in embarassment.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep." She shrugged slightly. "I havent stayed up til midnight since I was about 17 and last night at Caydens was quite entertaining."
I bet..i am sorry i was not there..." he said as he put some more books in the basket
Cecily shrugged slightly. "It was interesting, really. A few of the Puddlemere United team got extremely drunk, got on one of Caydens tables and sang til the table started sagging."

Cecily laughed slightly, "Cayden's quick with that short flame spell. Used it to shoe them off her store's furniture."
Yes Cayden is a bright girl" he grinned as he sat on the bed with her " so ...how about some breakfast..we have been at this for awhile now" he said as he took her hand
"Breakfast sounds good." She said, nodding slightly. "Are we making our own or working together on this?"
(((fine then.......you can forget about watching season two of Queer eye....Even though clinton is soooo dreamy *swoons*)))