George Weasley (his_evil_twin) wrote in thefinalhorcrux,
George Weasley

He had done it. He had gotten the kid to stop screaming. Sure, it had involved quite a bit of bribery in the form of food and shiny objects, but at least George could hear himself think again. He had sunk into the couch, feet on the coffee table and arm draped over the armrest, staring into the fireplace. Colin was on the floor with some toy that had been pulled out of thin air, it was entertaining enough for now, but it wouldn't last.

Katie walked through the door carrying various packages from her days shopping. She'd been everywhere, clothes shopping, grocery shopping. She picked a few things up for herself but the bulk of it was clothes for the growing redhead on the floor. "I'm home!"

George lifted his hand and waved it over his head. "Hey there." He called. His hand fell and landed back in his lap with a clapping sound that caused Colin to look up and giggle. Silly kid. George pushed himself up so that he was sitting up somewhat straight and looked up. "What do you have there?"

Well I tried to put some of Colin's old clothes on him earlier and they didn't fit so I thought I'd go out and buy a few. I got you a few things as well. Along with replacements for the food you both have gobbled up in the past few days. What have you two been up to?"

He ran his hand through his hair as he rested his elbows on his knees and eyed the packages. "I can't help it, I'm a growing boy!" He grinned and stood up long enough to sit back down on the arm of the couch, hands in his pockets so he could be more on her level. "I haven't been up to much, just keeping Junior and myself sane. Not an easy task when everything I do makes him yell louder."

"You know if you tap his head with your wand you can make him go on a mute state of being" she started unpacking her new finds saving the package for George for last.

He shrugged, tilting his head to the side. "Meh, I like a challenge." His eyes watched the unpacking, trying not to look greedy. He pulled his eyes away and arched his back backwards, stretching...or trying to with his hands still in his pockets. "I really hate to ask, but we seem to be out of dinner-type-items. Is there anything in your magic bag there that can be eaten?"

"here eat this for now" she tossed him an apple. "I was thinking we could go out for dinner, Ginny agreed to watch Colin. I thought it was nice of her considering its her last day off."

He couldn't quite remove his hand from his pocket in time and got hit in the shoulder by the apple. He managed to pick it off the couch within the appropriate ten-second time frame that meant it was still edible. "I think she'd adopt him if we let her, she's crazy about him." He bit into the apple and smiled. "Yeah, this is good...but I like your plan better."

"and you may like to look in that bag over there at what I got you"she winked at him, the bag containing her future plans for the night ;)

He arched an eyebrow and dropped the apple on the couch cushion. He stood and sort of tiptoed over to the bag and slowly reached for it, watching Katie as though she were going to snatch it away from him with a loud "just kidding!"

Katie walked over to Colin with a few of the new things she bought, eying George to see what he liked

He pulled apart the bag and peered inside, eyebrows disappearing somewhere around the stratosphere. He looked up and eyed Katie, a mix of shock and excitement on his face. "How about skipping the dinner part, eh?" Okay, he was lying... he was a guy, after all. Guys care about two things. Food and... well, the other thing. Which is more important? Who knows.

"like what you see?"

He gingerly closed the package again, tucking its contents out of sight, they were secret. "Very much so." He walked away from the bag, with some level of regret, and came up beside Katie and lay a hand on her shoulder. "What'd you get for Turbo?"

"Well I thought these were cute so I got him these" she held up a few shirts and a couple pairs of pants.

He stifled a snicker and nodded. He never understood the need to buy new clothes for babies. They were only small enough to fit in them for a month at the most, there was plenty from when he and his brothers were young... assuming Colin would appreciate being dressed up in 70's wear. Yeah, retro-baby. Stylin. "The look... very nice. I'm sure he'll love it. About that dinner...?"

"what about it?"

He snaked both his arms around her shoulders and lay his head against her neck, eyes staring up, all puppy-dog charm. "I've been having such a stressful day, poor little guy has been running me ragged. I feel the need to order someone around when they don't make my patty-melt just right."

"shall we get going then?" she picked up Colin and put him on her hip

He nodded and backed away a bit, twirling a bit of Colin's hair in his fingers. "Yeah," his voice was more normal, now. What, did he actually regret leaving the kid behind for a few hours? Nah. Of course not. Really. Right?

"want to take him? or your sister watch him?"

He shrugged. "I can't promise he won't throw a fit and force everyone in the place to wear mashed peas on their clothes, but I dunno... might be nice."

"ok lets take him then! Where should we go?"

"I'm going to say no right now to any huge family-themed place, no flashing lights or guys in big suits, that makes my brain explode. There's a place in town, sort of a mom and pop deal..."

"sounds good to me, broom or...?"

"It's not that far, and it's a Muggle town.. If we still had the car, that would be good... but I'm fine with walking."

"good good, let me get him all dressed and proper so the girls don't go nuts

He chuckled and lightly tickled the boy's cheek. "My little stud." Colin giggled and waved his hand toward George while burying his face in Katie's arm. So spirited. George dropped into a nearby armchair while he waited.

Katie ventured upstairs and dressed him in some of his new clothes, and made her way down stairs. "ready?"

He jumped up and grabbed the carrier from its place by the door. It was stocked with all the important things, plus thick and cozy blankets. It wasn't far, but it was cold. He pulled open the door and waited for them to leave before locking the house up and bundling into his coat for the walk.

They set down the road hand in hand George leading the way. "whats this place called?"

He frowned, thinking. It was hard to think when she was so close, he extracted his fingers from hers and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Something about waffles, I don't know."

As they kept walking they saw the sign and made their way into the warmth of the restaurant. It wasn't very busy, but she picked up Colin from his carrier in hopes that George might shrink it down a bit so they could sit without being crowded

Oh, he would have shrunk it, but this was a Muggle establishment. There were only two other wizarding families in the area, and he doubted they would be here. Best to play it safe. He did ask for a high-chair, carriers have this handy feature where they fit on top of high chairs and shopping carts and pretty much anything you can think of. Handy. Colin could eat like a big-boy at table level, even if it was just a bottle of some kind.
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