Harry Potter and the Final Horcrux

The end will come...

Harry Potter and the Final Horcrux :: a Year 7 RPG
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Welcome to Harry Potter's seventh year at Hogwarts!

This is a post-Half-Blood Prince role-playing game, detailing Harry's quest to find the remaining Horcruxes and defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named forever.

Basic rules:
Canon through The Half-Blood Prince. You can branch off canon, for instance having Harry and Hermione hook up after he dumps Ginny, but you can't have them making with the smoochies when they were 15.
No slash/femme-slash. This is due to the preference of your mods, squeaktastic and away_she_flew, and also in accordence that Harry, Ron and Draco are not gay. So sorry, move along.
Rated up to R (not NC-17). This means that implied violence and sex is acceptable, but no graphic details. Language is accepted, just don't go around shooting off swears.
Which leads us to our next rule... this game is only suitable for members 15 years or older. This is mainly due to our levels of acceptance on sex, violence and language.
Please try to update your character's personal journal at least once a week, and post in the RP community at least twice a week. More often is obviously fine. This keeps things moving.

You may communicate with the other characters through the actual game community, OR you may send "owls" through comments in a character's personal journal.


(characters in bold-face are the most needed. Characters that are struck through are taken, with the character's personal journal beside the name and the player's journal below)

NOTE : Character names that are struck through and bold are taken, but the player is inactive, and we wish to recast them.

Harry Potter har_potter played by agent_tommy
Hermione Granger herm_own_ninny7 played by away_she_flew
Ron Weasley ronweasley17 played by jellocat
Ginny Weasley ginny_weasley06 played by andygrl526
Parvati Patil
Neville Longbottom
Seamus Finnegan
Colin Creevy
Dennis Creevy
Dean Thomas
Cormac McLaggen
Euan Abercrombie
Lavander BrownRomilda Vane
Ritchie Coote
Victoria Frobisher
Geoffrey Hooper

Padma Patil
Cho Chang
Luna Lovegood luna_spacecadet played by squeaktastic
Stewart Ackerly
Marietta Edgecomb
Terry Boot
Mandy Brocklehurst realisticbeauty played by fine_elegance
Eddie Carmichael
Michael Corner
Anthony Goldstein

Hannah Abbott
Ernie MacMillan
Susan Bones
Eleanor Branstone
Owen Cauldwell
Justin Finch-Fletchley

Blaise Zabini
Draco Malfoy thefoil_malfoy played by hermioneg823
Gregory Goyle
Vincent Crabbe
Pansy Parkinson __slyqueen played by loyalist_girl
Tracey Davis
Elizabeth Prefontane elizabeth_sly played by loyalist_girl
Malcolm Baddock
Miles Bletchley
Millicent Bulstrode lady_millicent played by fine_elegance

Minerva McGonagall nervy_minerva played by calivion
Severus Snape
Flitwick charming_raven played by calivion
Rubeus Hagrid
Professor Binns
Argus Filch
Professor Grubbly-Plank
Madam Hooch
Professor Slughorn slyhead played by calivion
Professor Sprout
Dolores Umbridge
Professor Trelawny

Hogwarts Alumni:
Fred Weasley fredesrojo played by tambor_89
George Weasley his_evil_twin played by squeaktastic
Percy Weasley
Lee Jordan
Alicia Spinnet ohalicia played by blazing_ice
Katie Bell angel_bells played by andygrl526
Angelina Johnson angelinaj_89 played by tambor_89
Oliver Wood bet_oliverwould played by blazing_ice
Marcus Belby
Penelope Clearwater
Roger Davies
Marcus Flint
Cayden Smith cayden_a_smith played by becka_mouse
Anne Waxer chasingmydream played by squeaktastic
Cecily Rice blindnotbroken played by becka_mouse

Order of the Phoenix:
Arthur Weasley luvs2tinker played by mini_mina
Nymphadora Tonks _bubblegumpink_ played by ashesfor_trees
Remus Lupin proffes_moony played by agent_tommy
Charlie Weasley
Bill Weasley
Alastor Moody
Kingsley Shacklebolt

Dedalus Diggle
Hestia Jones

Dark Side
Lord Voldemort demonicupcake played by mini_mina
Bellatrix Lestrange
Roldolphus Lestrange
Fenrir Grayback
Peter Pettigrew

Random Characters:
Cornelius Fudge
Ludo Bagman
Viktor Krum
Rita Skeeter
Arabella Figg
Mundungus Fletcher
Olympe Maxime

Molly Weasley, molly_wobbles81
Fleur Delacour, fee_princesse
Narcissa Malfoy, purely_cissa
Lucius Malfoy, luscious_escape
Rufus Scrimgeour

For out-of-game discussions, questions, community advertisments etc, check out finalhorcruxooc
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Banner by Jesus Hernandez (jeh11ernandez@yahoo.com)
Game created by ashesfor_trees and away_she_flew

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY the personal journals of the CHARACTERS will be members of this community. You can add the community to the friend list of your own personal journal, but membership is reserved for the characters.
You can, however, join finalhorcruxooc using your personal journal.